YouTube TV

I had to find a new TV service since Sony decided to shutter PSVue, which really worked well for us. I did a lot of research, even considered moving back to satellite, before deciding on YouTube TV. I had to upgrade our 8 year old Roku but with a Cyber Monday special I got a really good deal.

It’s only been a couple of days but we’re finding that it’s working really well. The service is robust, and with the new Roku, channel load times and such are quite good.

Channel selection is spot on, in fact we get essentially the same lineup as we had but for $20 less per month.

I considered Hulu live but they don’t have AMC which is sort of a deal breaker, at least as long as The Walking Dead is on the air.

I’ll post more info as we use it more but so far the channel selection, functionality and unlimited DVR make me feel very confident that I made the right choice.

Scott Blitstein @scoblitz